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Manufacturing companies are moving towards more efficient and more eco-friendly processes under the influence of different stakeholders. The digital transition opens up endless possibilities to decreasethe environmental impact of manufacturing processes while reducing operational expenses.

Polysense is your one-stop shop to enable the use of data in production processes to move towards operational excellence. Through custom sensor setups, deep AI knowledge and a focus on the end user, we provide the right tools to enable a smarter and more efficient production environment.

We translate your data into actionable insights enabling higher efficiency, lower manufacturing costs and a reduced environmental impact.

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Discover how Agristo has reduced their waste by 5%.

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Towards operational excellence with three pillars.

Through a collaborative approach, we guide companies in their green and digital transition. By combining vast hardware expertise with deep AI knowledge, we focus on deploying AI in actual production processes. These three pillars navigate companies with different data maturities in their journey towards a data-driven manufacturing process.

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