Towards sustainable manufacturing through the power of data

Fueled by a love for technology and a desire to contribute to a sustainable future, we founded Polysense. As ambitious engineers and computer scientists, we’re continuously looking for ways to deploy intelligence where its impact is highest.

That’s why we’ve quickly turned our sights to the segment of industrial production. For manufacturing companies that want to improve their sustainability impact, massive gains can be made by augmenting the intelligence of production processes – through advanced data modeling and automation.

So that’s where our focus is. We help manufacturing companies realize the production side of their sustainability goals by optimizing process parameters. In every project, we aim for fast, tangible and measurable results in areas such as waste reduction, energy use optimization and water usage reduction.

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Picture by Luc Roymans.

We do so by combining deep AI skills with hardware knowhow – and a hefty dose of human wit. As thinkers and tinkerers, we always co-engineer with customers, bridging the gap between technical innovation teams and sustainability strategists. From analysis and advice to practical implementation and actionable insights. We’re determined to make it work – and make it matter.

Peter Hinssen
Investor & Advisor

From the moment they introduced me to Polysense, I knew they were the ones who could drive disruptive innovation in manufacturing companies. Their hands-on approach and focus on the challenge is how AI can create real value and a sustainable impact.

What we stand for

Driven by impact, charged with data.

Focused on the challenge

At Polysense, we don’t care for the AI hype. We use artificial intelligence as a tool to solve challenges. And that’s exactly how we work. We start from the challenge and create the solution with the most impact and the least overhead.

Through hands-on solutions

Too often, AI projects remain stuck in a proof of concept stage. We believe it’s important to focus on translating ideas into practice. By combining a profound knowledge of data and AI with a hefty dose of hardware expertise, we create solutions that have real impact on operations.

Prioritizing the end user

Improving efficiency with additional tools is only effective when the end user is involved. Our solutions prioritize user experience, ensuring we only provide tools  that do not add unnecessary overhead. By collaborating with the  end users, we deliver solutions that bring tangible value.

Make the difference

Join us in our mission towards data-driven sustainable manufacturing.

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